Release time:2016-4-26 15:16:35

To respond to the "April 23 World's Reading Day", promote reading culture, enhance reading culture exchange of Canton, Hong Kong and Macau, encourage the children and youth to expand the reading fields of relevant themes, the cultural and education departments of the governments of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou jointly held a creating contest and winning works joint exhibition for April 23 World's Reading Day of 2016.

The library of our primary school department had responded actively, organized students to participate in the essay contest for higher grades group of primary school and the postcard cover design contest for lower grades group of primary school, and made a good performance in the activities.

In the contest for high grades, Ye Hanmao of Grade Five (5) won first prize, Huang Haode, Peng Yinuo, Ye Xiaozhou of Grade Five (5) won a second prize and Guo Xuanhong and Chen Yanjing of Grade Five (5) won third prize. In the contest for lower grades, Hangfeng Xianger of Grade One (3), Jiang Shanrong of General (1) won a first prize, Hu Beigu of General (2), Pei Chenghao of Grade Two (5) and Wang Zhichen of General (1) won a second prize. Three teachers Zhang Tao, Wang Jing and Zhang Qun won an award for excellent guidance, and the teacher Chen Haiyan won an award for excellent organizing teacher, and the primary school department won an award for excellent organizations.