Release time:2016-5-16 15:18:48

On May 13, Inauguration Ceremony of Shenzhen Adolescent Reading Promotion Base & Writer Walking into Campus Campaign was held at the small theater of our primary school department. Guests invited to the ceremony included Xie Chen, secretary general of Students' Literary Federation of Shenzhen, Jiang Hongyan, director of the first edition office of Shenzhen Haitian Publishing House, Zhou Qixing, a famous reading promoter and Xiao Dingli, a famous writer of children's literature. The primary school department was selected as the adolescent reading promotion base of Shenzhen, which was an honor won because the Chinese subject group had made big efforts to promote reading courses as well as a highlight in the poetic campus construction of the primary school department. After the inauguration ceremony, Xiao Dingli opened a reading lecture.