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State Class Program Research of Strategies for Principal's Leadership in Curriculum Officially Launched

國家社會科學基金十二五規劃2011年度教育學一般課題 《校長課程領導的策略研究》開題論證會,2012527日在天津經濟技術開發區國際學校舉行。廈門雙十中學、深圳實驗學校和東道主天津經濟技術開發區國際學校在會上作了專題發言。

A general program of education in the "12th five-year plan" of the Social Science Foundation of China, Research of Strategies for Principal's Leadership in Curriculum, opened its argumentation conference at the international school of Tianjin economy and technology development zone on May 27, 2012. Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School, Shenzhen Experimental School and the said international school of Tianjin made a keynote speech on the conference.


The speech given by Shenzhen Experimental School was titled Top Level Design and Strategy Exploration for Principal's Leadership in Curriculum, which introduced our school running philosophy and ideas, development of school based curriculums and building of special school from three areas "school based stance", "students' stance" and "principal's stance" and had been praised by the experts and peers attending the conference. Pei Dina, a famous professor with Beijing Normal University, gave a full evaluation of our curriculum strategies such as "confirming the key capabilities" and "flying goose formation style subject cluster development". Zeng Tianshan, vice chairman of the Central Education Science Institute recognized the exploration and efforts made by principal Cao Yanqing for the construction of school's curriculums over the years from the perspective of "rather not do than do carelessly". Wang Dinghua, deputy director of the No. 1 basic education office of the Ministry of Education pointed out in the speech that a curriculum culture and awareness of culture could be formed gradually, "like Shenzhen Experimental School, it has an awareness of its curriculum culture".


The research aimed to reach the following three goals. Firstly, making an attempt to build a practice of principal's leadership in curriculum under the context of education in China; secondly, exploring and seeking the fulfillment of diversified forms of education modes of the school "based on the development of students" and advanced culture and promotion mechanism of school education characteristics; thirdly, mining the leadership of the principal in leading the school to realize the innovative talent cultivation mechanism and enhance the education level, and putting forward the realization mechanism for the principal's leadership in curriculum.


The research would be implemented from 2011 to 2014. The school wished to use the research program to promote the development and construction of school based curriculum to make it more active, reasonable and adapted to the students, so that our schooling running level could be further enhanced from development of connotation and specialty to development of quality.