Release time:2016-3-25 10:17:04

   To further implement the concept of new curriculum, further perfect the curriculum system, promote effective teaching, solidify the foundation of teaching and enhance the classroom teaching level, on March 23, the senior high school department kicked off a special teaching program on study lessons given by mid-aged teachers with a theme of "New Curriculum, New Class".

Tian Zuopeng, a math teacher of Senior Three, gave a lesson Second Round of Review of Sequence of Number for the science class, while Liao Zuhai gave a lesson Comment on the Test Paper of First Practice Test of Guangzhou. Both lessons focused on exploring "how to do well in the review lessons of Senior Three?" On the basis of making a deep study of the national version of national college entrance exam and its syllabus, the two mid-aged teachers have fully presented and shared their research results in the class from the areas such as preparation direction, methods and details.

The lessons were attended by Huang Hanbo, vice principal, Guo Zhihong, director of the group's education and teaching department, Tian Guosheng and Li Jian, the deputy directors, Cheng Xuejun, director of senior high school department, Tian Zuopeng, director of the teaching affairs department, Yu Qiusheng, director of the math subject and all teachers and some young teachers.

Vice principal Huang offered a high recognition and evaluation on the organization and implementation of "New Curriculum, New Class" by the senior high school department and offered a full recognition to the two teachers. He believed that they had made a full preparation for the study lessons, displayed a solid foundation, met the requirements, had made a deep and correct study of the national version of College Entrance Exam and achieved a good teaching effect.

    According to the work arrangement at the beginning of the semester, the school would launch a special teaching program themed as "New Curriculum, New Class" among all teachers of the school. The senior high school department has planned and deployed carefully, and mobilized all teachers, aiming to take this chance to further enhance the teaching quality and overall level of the teachers. These opening lessons were extraordinary. The director of teaching affairs has taken the initiative to set up an example for the review lessons of Senior Three, which indicated the attentiveness and determination of the senior high school department to carry out and promote this program.

   This program is not only required for the new curriculum, but also required for the professional development of the teachers and development of the school. We are convinced that through this program, it will surely stimulate the activeness and creativity of the teachers in their professional development and form a stronger teaching atmosphere and culture focusing on teaching, class and efficiency. (Picture/Teaching affairs office, text/electrified education room)