Release time:2016-10-18 10:21:55

   An ideal class should be a platform for interaction and mental conversation between the teachers and students rather than simply a stage for the teachers to exhibit their teaching skills.

An ideal class should be the time and space where the teachers and students create miracles and develop together. Without the subjective role of the students, the time and space will become a castle in the air.

An ideal class should enable the teachers and students to conquer the unknown territory and get surprises at any time in the course of conquering, rather than finish a trip without passion along a preset routine.

An ideal class should be arranged in an equal, democratic, safe and joyous atmosphere, in which no one will be blamed or scolded cruelly.

An ideal class should be a class of "questions". Through constant solving and deepening of questions, the students take questions into the class, but remain curious when they leave the class.