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   At this time every year, we will convene such a meeting. We will sit down to discuss the work of next semester, adjust our state and get a new start.

In this meeting, I want to talk about the construction issues of "four highlands" of the school and share some of my views with you. And with this chance, I also want to listen to your views. And we will discuss to reconcile our thoughts and understanding, and put them into practice in the future.

I. What is the construction of "four highlands"

Generally speaking, on the basis of struggle and development of the school for many years, we will strengthen our development advantages, make our work reach a new height and achieve new brilliance and play a role of leader and vanguard.

The four highlands are: highland of spiritual culture, highland of quality-oriented education, highland of curriculum construction, and highland of social influence.

1. Highland of spiritual culture

For most people, the spirit of a school is its spiritual outlook and the value system and collective mentality accumulated in the long-term practice of education and teaching. It constitutes the core of the school culture, determines the thinking mode and working attitude of the school and the teaching, learning and management styles of the school. This spirit takes root in the history and pursuit of the school. It's a collective ideology recognized by all faculty and students, the "education aura" and "essence, energy and spirit" of the school. It endows the school with individuality and charm and is the "core dynamic force" for the cohesive force, centripetal force and fighting strength of the school. It is an extremely powerful team spirit, a strong sense of identity and belonging and a strong sense of obligation and responsibility. Therefore, when campus culture is mentioned, a vivid comparison is made: the material culture is the form of the school, the system culture is the guarantee for the school, while the spiritual culture is the core and soul of the school.

We are always proud and pleased with our spiritual culture. Like our strong brand of quality-oriented education and cultivation of comprehensive capabilities, our spiritual culture has also won broad recognition and praise from the society. The values of the school have been developed after more than three decades and become the mainstay for the construction of its spiritual culture. "Among a group of schools, you can identify which is Shenzhen Experimental School instantly; among a group of teachers, you can quickly identify who are teachers from Shenzhen Experimental School; among a group of students, you can quickly identify who are students of Shenzhen Experimental School". This is determined by the characteristics of the spiritual culture of Shenzhen Experimental School.

For many years, the school has paid a lot of attention to the inheritance, leading and development of its culture in pace with the times, with an aim to build a spiritual highland for the school.

Impacted by hedonism, individualism and venality in today's society, we must have sufficient mental preparation, willpower and courage to guard our nice and pure innermost being. We must always do well in carrying forward, guarding, leading and developing our spiritual culture and build our highland of spiritual culture.

2. Highland of quality-oriented education

Among the basic education schools in today's China, few schools are engaged in quality-oriented education as carefully and confidently as Shenzhen Experimental School.

We have always focused on cultivating a healthy personality and enhancing the comprehensive qualities and capabilities of our students for more than three decades and have developed a truly strong brand of quality-oriented education. This is an irrefutable fact.

Therefore, when this point is mentioned, I often quote a Japanese proverb to describe it, "The wind is howling, but the mountain won't move."

However, the society is developing rapidly with each passing day. As a result, our education must keep pace with the times. Our goal of talent cultivation is impossible to stay unchanged all the time. In fact, we have always aligned our development with the pulse of the times and always kept pace with the development of the nation and society. We have earnestly practiced what we advocate, from emphasis on the "personality" education of students to "the education of a healthy personality based on patriotism", to "healthy personality, academic progress, distinctive specialties and all-round development", and then to the cultivation of "citizens with global competitiveness".

Education must be oriented towards the future. In the context of social and economic changes with each passing day, many countries are considering how to cultivate their citizens in the future, so that they can better get adapted to the work and life of the 21st century. For this, based on the pursuit of citizens in the future, they have raised skills and core qualities of 21st century, which are known as key qualities in the EU, comprehensive abilities in Australia, generic skills in Hong Kong and core qualities in Taiwan and Chinese mainland.

    For this purpose, as a leader, we must consider making further exploration and pursuit on the basis of our existing successful experience, so that our education can keep pace with the development of our motherland and the society and always take the lead in the reform of basic education in China.

   3. Highland of curriculum construction

I have ever said, like team building, our curriculum construction will always be underway. There will be no end, but only past, present and future.

The quality of curriculum construction is one of the most important factors to measure the running of a school. The president of Harvard University answered the questions of people by saying, "What I feel most proud of Harvard is not how many Nobel prize winners and CEO of Fortune 500 Corporations or presidents we have cultivated, but that we can offer more than 3,000 curriculums with the world's top level."

To build our curriculum highland, I will stress some points I have ever mentioned.

Curriculum construction is a very serious issue. I object to the school-running measures that neglect curriculum construction and any mixture in the name of curriculum construction. We must not make curriculum go against the original meaning of the curriculum, be divorced from the reality or go beyond its functions.

We can develop our curriculum from the following perspectives: 1. Understanding and appreciation of the cutting-edge science based on a global vision; 2. Support based on our school-running philosophy and goal of talent cultivation; 3. Supplement, extension and development based on national and local curriculums; 4. Learning, improvement and enhancement based on the cultivation of innovative and top-notch talents; 5. Thinking and exploration of education based on the changing education elements of the times.

Our curriculum construction must meet the following four principles: 1. Beneficial to the full implementation of our education policy; 2. Beneficial to highlighting our school-running characteristics; 3. Beneficial to trying to meet the demands of students for individuality development; 4. Beneficial to the professional development of teachers.

We must pay more attention to the individuality development of students. While recognizing their difference, we must meet the different development requirements of each student, explore their individuality and specialty and boost their development to the greatest extent. We should also carry forward the traditions and advantages of our school, fully reflect the education thoughts and school-running concept in our curriculum construction and boost the school's development by developing and implementing unique curriculums; we should give a full play to the subjective role of teachers in the curriculum construction and make each teacher grow into a "curriculum builder" and gradually set up our "curriculum highland".

4. Highland of social influence

It can be said that we have occupied a highland with regard to our social influence. In the heart of Shenzhen people, we are absolutely an ideal school. Even in the province, we also occupy a highland of influence. We have ever taken the first place in the province in the rate of admission into a key university in the College Entrance Exam and secured a top position all the time. However, considering the positioning of Shenzhen, higher requirements and expectations from the people of Shenzhen and the competition and challenge from our brother schools, we keep a sense of urgency at any moment: advance or fall behind. We should keep a clear mind and keep forging ahead if we want to maintain our advantages, maintain and expand our influence in the city, province and the state, and enhance our social visibility.

The construction of these four highlands will be the focus and goal of our work for a long time in the future, as well as the key to our sustainable development and growth. Their relationships should be: culture is the source, team is the key, students are the foundation and social influence is a natural result.

II. Several issues to be solved in the "construction of four highlands"

1. Understand ourselves and solve the problem "who am I"

"Who am I", "Where I am from", "Where I am going" are an ancient topic of philosophy. We should firstly answer the question "Who am I".

To solve this problem, we must make a comprehensive analysis on the history and current status of our school and have a correct understanding of the development requirements of the city, province, nation and world on the education of primary and secondary schools and have a full picture of the current status of our school.

What are our advantages? What are our strong brands? Especially what are the problems existing in each department of our school? Compared with other vanguard schools, what are our shortages? What are the subjective and objective reasons for these shortages? How to cover these shortages? Here, I want to analyze several problems existing in our senior and junior high schools.

2. Understand others and solve the issue of an "open" mindset

I used to say, the decline of China in the modern history had not started from the Opium War, but from the closing of our door in the Ming dynasty.

When you view the history of China and world, and see the two lines of words on the wall of the compound of the municipal party committee located at Shennan Avenue, you will have a deeper and direct understanding and feeling: Reform and opening up is the road to a powerful nation...

Some people say, the greatest change of the world has perhaps started from the navigation.

When we teach history, we mainly teach how brilliant we were in the dynasties since Qin and Han, and how we were bullied by the imperialist invaders. All these are facts. But in our education, we seldom mention why we were backward.

How important an open mindset is!

As the most excellent school of basic education in Shenzhen, as teachers and managers of this school, to make the school develop and leap, we must first solve the problems "Who am I", "Who is he". We must learn widely from others' strong points with an open mindset and a broad vision to realize our dream.

3. Lay down the strategies for future development of each department and grade of the school and realize our beautiful vision.


What is the purpose talking so much today? It's very simple, just as I mentioned at the beginning, we will have a clear mind and come up with measures to align our understanding, thoughts and actions and push each cause of our school to a new height. Therefore, I wish that all our cadres at present today can voice your own opinions to light up our torch of wisdom, so we can promote a healthy and rapid development of each cause of our school.