Release time:2016-6-21 11:27:07

Teachers, students and parents,


At this moment, I think of the beginning and end of a full-mark composition of the College Entrance Exam which was spread online the other day,

"Mum, you send me to the gate of the school. I enter the examination room with the stream of students. Without looking back, I can imagine the complex emotions in your eyes. I think I should appear a little calmer."

Yes, after our kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior high school years, we have finished 15 years of learning life full of bitterness and sweetness. After the College Entrance Exam, whether a high score or a low score, we have drawn a full stop today--we graduate from the senior high school. My dear students, it's not easy! Why not applaud and cheer for your hard work, your success and your sooth graduation?

Congratulations and blessing to you from the school.

As the principal, on the solemn graduation ceremony today, I want to have a final exchange of thoughts with you in your senior high school years and share with you an old but important topic "Goal and Life". I hope that at this milestone node, you can truly:

Make a new start instantly,

   With your luggage in front of you,

   and your goal in the distance.

I want to share with you the following three points.

I. We should have a goal in our life, otherwise our life will become meaningless.

On April 18, 2014, a date I will never forget, it was the busiest and most intense period before the College Entrance Exam. That day, our senior high school department invited Mr. Wang Shi into our campus to have a face-to-face report on "Road and Dream" with students of Senior Three. On that report, a scene was shocking to the students at the site. He asked the students to guess his emotion at the moment he reached the top of the Everest. Cry with joy? Pride? Enchanted? Indifferent...None of these are the right answer. He gave an answer beyond our expectation, "Loss, at a sudden loss when I have not a goal" "That kind of feeling is awful." He said to the students, "How happy you are! The goal of the College Entrance Exam is in front of you. At this time, what you need to do is to sprint." The life goal of Mr. Wang Shi is very clear. He has reached the peak in his life of a real estate developer and a mountaineer. Suddenly he lost his goal, so he felt at a loss, bored and sad. So he set up a new goal for his life: The life of a scholar--he wished to turn the desert that accounts for 70% the territory of China into fields and farms and work hard for this goal.

The goal shows the direction for our life. Without a goal, our life will lose its direction and become boring and empty. The goal makes our life meaningful and colorful.

II. Our goal will determine our life.

In 1953, a famous investigation was made on the goal and life in Harvard University among a group of youngsters with equal conditions such as intelligence, education and environment. The results found that:

27% of the respondents had no goal;

60% of the respondents had a vague goal;

10% of the respondents had a relatively clear short-term goal;

3% of the respondents had a very clear long-term goal.

25 years later, a return visit was made and found that: the 3% of the respondents with a clear goal and plan were extremely successful in both career and family life. They almost became top successful people in all walks of life. Moreover, the total fortune owned by them was more than the total of fortune owned by the other 97% of the students. The 10% of the respondents with a clear short-term goal had ascended step by step in their life and become professionals necessary to each industry. 60% of the respondents with a vague goal could live and work steadily, but they had not scored any special achievements. The 27% of the respondents without a goal for 25 years had almost lived at the bottom of the society, worried about their livelihood and work and had to get along on social relief. They often blamed others, the society and the world.

We should have a goal in our life and a pursuit. In our life arena, those with a clear goal are destined to be strong in their life; those without a goal usually become a loser in their life. Our life is determined by our goal.

III. Cherish the present, do well today, pursue eternity.

The other day, to comfort the students who had failed in the College Entrance Exam and their parents, a message aroused a sensation on the Internet. One of my friends has forwarded this message to me.

How many of the names in the two lists you know?

First list of names: Fu Yijian, Wang Shidan, Bi Yuan, Lin Zhaotang, Wang Yunjin, Liu Zizhuang, Chen Hang, Liu Fuyao, Liu Chunlin.

Second list of names: Cao Xueqin, Hu Xueyan, Li Yu, Gu Yanwu, Jin Shengtan, Huang Zongxi, Wu Jingzhi, Pu Songling, Hong Xiuquan, Yuan Shikai.

The answer:

The names in the first list are all Zhuangyuan of the Qing dynasty; and the names on the second list are Xiucai that failed in the exam. The real examination room in fact is never in the school.

I didn't agree with it and made a response instantly.

Lin Zexu, Bai Juyi, Liu Zongyuan, Liu Yuxi, Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi, Xin Qiji, Wang Anshi, Hai Rui, Zhang Juzheng, Han Yu, Zhu Xi, Cai Yuanpei, Huang Yuanpei, Shen Kuo, Song Yingxing, Xu Guangqi, Liang Qichao, Kang Youwei, Zhang Zhidong, Yan Fu...all of them were Zhuangyuan. How do you think of it?

The real examination room is not always in the school, but in our life, in the society and in each stage of our life, the school was never absent. Without experiencing the test in the school, how can we meet the test of the society in the future. After entering the collage, you will embrace a new life. It's a correct choice for you to cherish the present and do well today.

We have a lot of goals in our life and different people have different goals. Some people struggle for survival, some try hard for improving material conditions, some work their best for enriching their spiritual life and realizing their values. As students of the best school in Shenzhen, what are your goals? Please remember forever,

"Teachers and students of Shenzhen Experimental School should try to become a national mainstay of China."

"We should be a master of the nation with scientific thoughts and humanistic spirit."

You should live up to the expectations.

There is a sentence in the Bible, when you make your mind to do anything, you will succeed since the light will shine your path. The most beautiful life is to pursue your goal and ideal along the road with a group of like-minded people. When you look back, you will have best memory; look down, you advance with firm steps; look up, you see a clear distance. May you establish your life goal as soon as possible and embark on your life journey and create a brilliant life.

Students of the graduate classes, the school wishes you to be healthy, safe and make your dream come true.